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We’re Alive!

So when we said the “future home” of all our doings, we meant the future as in over a year later. However, seeing as this is the year of vacations — we are taking approximately six or seven in 2013 — I knew it was time to revive the blog with a promise to get better at updating. At least, when we have fun pictures to share.

A quick update on us:

  • Zach just finished his Human Biology course at Bethel — and while unofficial yet until his final is graded, we’re fairly certain he is an ‘A’ student.
  • Why is Zach taking Human Bio? He is considering a career in social work — specifically with regard to connecting people with needed services and/or public policy (lest you think social work is all about counseling or custody intervention). Consequently, most Masters of Social Work programs require a documented study of human biology – perhaps it may come in handy.
  • I (Kaari) am also considering grad school — probably more along the PhD route in Comparative Literature. And before you ask, yes, I will likely pursue university-level teaching as a career.
  • I took my GRE at the end of April, and hoping my scores are “ok” enough. It’s tough to determine when most schools’ websites say (in various tactful ways), “Yes, we require the GRE. No, we do not have a minimum score, but consider it in the context of the rest of your application.” Translation: We require the GRE because we can, and we really care more about your other application materials unless it becomes a life-and-death decision between you and another candidate.

This is most likely what you’ll hear us talk about if you ask us how we’re doing. Or, we’ll tell you about all the great restaurants we’ve ate at the last few weeks. As budding Twin Cities “foodies,” trying new places and shunning chain restaurants where possible is becoming kind of a hobby of ours. Last week we tried hibachi at Wasabi Fusion. I have never done it, and though it was quite steamy around the grill, the food was delicious!

Also, the spring decided to make a brief stop and then skip right on into summer, but then return. Last Tuesday, it was 90 degrees. Today, it was 65. Three weeks ago, it was snowing. So I guess you technically might call this the season of sum-ring-ter — or something.