Summer Ready

We are summer ready! The day started with some lovely sunshine and coffee time on the porch, where we creeped on people walking on Grand, unaware that we were studiously observing their every move. We also watched two different cars try to parallel park, as well as a peddle-a-pub, which actually managed to successfully parallel park in front of Punch Pizza. We applauded.

Then, we took down our long-standing icicle lights from the porch, remnants of Christmas, and rebulbed restrung and re-globed our Chinese lanterns and hung them in their stead. That’s been on my to-do list since the temperature first crested over 60 degrees about a month ago. June 01 is close enough, yeah?

If that summer fun wasn’t enough, we then proceeded to pot our herbs, which have been sitting in a bag in the dining room for about 3 weeks. Did you know oregano seeds are so small they come in a sachet inside of a sachet?? We didn’t either. Oregano also apparently takes 90-200 days to grow before harvest, so, depending on our gardening abilities, we may see our first crop sometime next spring.

We also made homemade coleslaw and red sangria in preparation for grilling out with good friends this evening, and then, on a whim, I decided to complete our summer preparations by making lemon-lime bars. Nothing says summer like citrus-y treats!

Incidentally, I’m probably also feeling that we’re summer ready because we FINALLY found – and agreed upon  – a lighter-weight summer quilt for our bed at Target last night. When I got married, I was under the impression that men didn’t really care about decorating or home design. That was a fallacious assumption, I have since found. Don’t get me wrong — I do do most of the decorating around here, and mostly my creations are approved with a “That looks nice” or a “I don’t have an opinion,” but apparently bedspreads do not fall into those two categories. Without central air this summer, though, it will be nice to rid ourselves of the faux-down comforter for the season.

All of this to say, our house has been “summerized” despite the threatening rain clouds this afternoon.  Bring on the sunshine!


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  • Jessica

    Hey Kaari!
    I’ve also been contemplating a lighter weight comforter to use in my duvet for summer. Pretty beds are important to me! 🙂

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